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Bamboo Toothbrush - Family Size Sale Bundle - 10 Pack - No Tox Life®

Bamboo Toothbrush - Family Size Sale Bundle - 10 Pack - No Tox Life®

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No Tox Life® Moso bamboo toothbrushes.

This family size bundle makes eco-responsible tooth care accessible. 

One billion
plastic toothbrushes are thrown away every year in the United States, creating 50 million pounds of waste annually, ending up in our oceans and landfills! 

Bamboo Toothbrushes: These bamboo toothbrush handles are made from Moso bamboo, a material that is biodegradable and can be composted. The bristles are medium and are made of nylon 6. 

Bristles: While the natural colored nylon bristles cannot be composted, we recommend to put them inside a larger container or bag that you're putting in the trash or recycling, to ensure they don't fall out and end up in the environment. The bristles are held in with metal staples, which could be recycled if eventually removed from the handle. You can also saw off the top of the brush and compost the handle, and put the head part in the trash. 

Why Bamboo: Bamboo is an incredibly versatile raw material. It's long lasting, anti-bacterial, has a tensile strength stronger than steel, releases 35% more oxygen compared to trees, and can grow up to a staggering 30 meters within just 3 years! Bamboo will also biodegrade naturally over time. Bamboo naturally repels water, making for a great toothbrush.

You Get: A bundle of 10 toothbrushes, enough for 30 months or more of tooth-brushing. 3 months recommended lifespan per brush. 

Low waste: Each toothbrush is in a lightweight kraft paper box.

3 months lifespan per brush - 30 months of toothbrushes for one person | Moso bamboo | low-waste | recyclable or compostable packaging | 20 cm handle | by Earth & Daughter 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Kimberly V. (Ramsey, US)
Pleasant Surprise!!

I was skeptical about buying bamboo toothbrushes and wasn’t sure how soft the bristles would be. The wood has never cracked and the bristles are very soft! Cleans my teeth very well and I love that no plastic is involved! I bought enough of these toothbrushes to last a year! I love these and will continue to use these brushes!

Adriana O. (Panorama City, US)
The only toothbrush I use

Paired it with Davids tooth paste, and they clean my teeth like no other. These are perfect when family visit, I just hand them out. New packaging & same soft tooth brushes.

Amy (Richmond, US)
Nice size and softness

We've tried several brands of bamboo toothbrushes and I like these the best of all! Some brush heads are just too big to reach around the back teeth, but these are great. The firmness is good for people like me who tend to brush too hard. No mouth irritation at all unlike others we've tried.

Elizabeth P. (Glendale, US)
Great toothbrush!

These are great toothbrushes. They cost the same or less than conventional plastic ones, and they last longer without the bristles getting wonky or falling out. The handle is nice and smooth, and the bristles feel good and clean my teeth thoroughly. I appreciated the simple cardboard packaging, too, although I didn't need for each toothbrush to be individually boxed. But maybe that's just me. I hope No Tox doesn't discontinue these. This is a great company; I love the small bar of dish soap too. Their dental floss is the best, but I don't see it on the site anymore :(

Adriana (Panorama City, US)
Very soft bristles

They are individually packed, the handle is very soft. It clean like any other toothbrush I have used before. The handle feels nice on the hand, it has a nice minimal touch to it. The packing is very minimal.
Two toothbrushes fit in one box. I would prefer five boxes instead of ten.
Overall, I am very happy with a toothbrush that is compostable and helps to fund clean water.

Kristi M. (Charlottesville, US)
Too soft

The brush is too soft. I don’t feel like they clean well enough

Stephanie A. (Pasadena, US)
Good toothbrushes. great price!

These totally measure up to all the other bamboo toothbrushes I’ve used. I love this shop. If you haven’t tried the dish sponges, do it! They are wonderful and really long lasting.

Justin T. (Greenwood Village, US)
great toothbrush

If you know how to use a toothbrush then this toothbrush is the one for you, it works just like another toothbrush but it's made out of bamboo and not to mention the bristles are soft as well

Liza (Canton, US)
Best bamboo brush!

I've tried a lot of brands of bamboo brushes and many are too soft, leaving my teeth less than clean and wearing down quickly. The tapered bristles on this brush are perfect! It lasted sooo much longer than most

Jade P. (Chula Vista, US)

Bamboo Toothbrush - 10 Pack