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WASHCLOUD® is the eco-friendly Nordic dish sponge cloth that will clean dishes more efficiently than a normal sponge - made with renewable, biodegradable materials.

In addition to being perfect for dish washing, WASHCLOUD® sponge cloths can also clean your kitchen surfaces and wipe up spills. Works wonderfully on counters, sinks and stovetops. Use for anywhere you'd use a normal sponge. A fast-drying washable sponge like ours will prevent that old sponge smell caused by built up food and bacteria.

Sponge cloths have been widely used in Scandinavian households and kitchens since being invented by a Swede in 1949, and are now becoming popular outside of Europe. These ultra-absorbent hybrid products can absorb 15 times their weight in water. WASHCLOUD® sponge cloths can replace 10+ rolls of disposable paper towels which is a huge money saver and saves the carbon emissions impact of cutting down trees for disposable paper products.

Contains 1 WASHCLOUD® sponge cloth | 6.75" x 7.5" dimensions | can last for months and dozens of washes in the washing machine | water-based inks | cellulose/wood pulp cotton | 100% biodegradable & home compostable | manufactured in Germany

WASHCLOUD® is a registered trademark of Earth & Daughter, LLC

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Use the WASHCLOUD® until it begins to fall apart, we find it can last several months even with frequent washing in the washing machine.

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews

Love this

Charlotte G. (Albuquerque, US)
great little product

It sits on my kitchen counter to air dry cups, utensils, kitchen knives. looks bright and pretty, love the small efficient size, washes great in dishwasher, air dries perfectly.

Karen G. (Glendale, US)
Very nice product

Cleans everything! Squeezes dry! Throw it in the wash! Lasts forever! Saves trees! What more could you ask for?

Zoi F. (Palo Alto, US)
Great as everything done by Notoxlife.

Washcloud looks always clean as a new one.


These are amazing!!!

Ken L. (Los Angeles, US)
Strong, Absorbent Cleaning Cloth

This cloth sponge rocks.

Cheryl K. (Chicago, US)

I wanted to live the Washcloud and it did not disappoint! It dries so fast, is very absorbent, and takes the place of paper towels for me. Perfect! I ordered extras to give as stocking stuffers for my daughters and my mom.

Jo C. (Washington, US)
Washclouds are the best!

Washcloud sponge cloths are the best! And NoTox Life has the best selection of colors and prints. Monstera Flora is a favorite—the saturated colors remain vibrant for a long time. I use them for everything, especially wiping my counter, dishwasher, and fridge and cleaning light spills on the stove. I save worn-out ones for spot-cleaning my floor. Easy to clean in the dishwasher, and no mildew smell, ever. Once you switch to these, you'll never go back!

Linda (Waitsfield, US)
Good product

Good size, easy to rinse out and soft but effective.


The dishcloths are so cute and work really well. Shipping was quick, and loved that there was no excessive packaging.