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No Tox Life

Fil de Charbon de Bambou - Support en Acier

Fil de Charbon de Bambou - Support en Acier

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Notre fil dentaire au charbon de bambou est la solution écologique et zéro déchet parfaite pour votre routine de soins bucco-dentaires.

Non seulement notre fil dentaire est plus respectueux de l'environnement, mais il est également doux pour vos gencives et vos dents. La texture douce du fil dentaire glisse en douceur entre les dents, minimisant l'irritation et assurant une expérience de fil dentaire confortable pour tous les utilisateurs.

Fabriqué à partir de 80% de fibres de bambou, 20% de polyester biodégradable, d'huiles essentielles et de cire de candelilla.

Support en acier inoxydable : livré avec un support en acier inoxydable que vous pouvez réutiliser pour les recharges.

Recharges : Les recharges sont livrées dans une boîte en papier kraft recyclable ou compostable. 2 bobines de recharge (33 mètres chacune, 66 mètres au total) sont fournies dans chaque boîte.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Jen V. (Omaha, US)

This floss is great! I was a little unsure if it would work for me because my dentist says my teeth have tight contacts so I thought this floss might break while I was using it. I have not had any broken floss yet! This is a little strange, but I really like that the floss is black so it's easy to see all the gunk you get out!

DebZ (Bound Brook, US)
Weak floss

This floss is an excellent idea, but is not strong enough. It breaks more often than regular floss. Which means using more floss than I normally would.

Hi Deb, update per our email conversation:

It looks like Oral-B Glide you mentioned contains PFAS (a chemical similar to Teflon or nonstick pans, it makes things slippery, however it’s harmful to the human body and is linked to hormone issues and cancer).

Here is more info on PFAS. We don’t use that on our floss which might be why you’re seeing more breakage there.

Hosanna (Hazel Park, US)
Love it!

I have tried out a few brands of sustainable floss, and this one it by FAR my favorite. It’s wonderfully durable, has a lovely subtle scenic and really gets all the gunk! Will absolutely be buying again!

Adriana (Panorama City, US)
Cute floss

I bought the glass container with the floss, when you open the floss you have to insert it in the bypass lid. The floss is very smooth when you pull and cut a piece off. It cleans between the teeth without making my gums bleed. I love that I can refill the container and use it over again. It makes traveling easy I put it in my tote bag, pack, and go.
It is very minimal and it doesnt take much space in the bathroom.

karen A. (Tujunga, US)

A little hard to cut floss without dropping bottle . Love the floss , and the idea of not having extra plastic to throw away .

Tamara V. (Aurora, US)
Love the packaging

I tried this floss because I was looking for better packaging options than what’s available in traditional stores. I have very tight contact between some teeth, and this floss breaks repeatedly in those places. It’s good on regular spacing however. I would love an option of this packaging with floss that is similar to Glide (it’s the only floss that doesn’t break on tight contact that I know of). I don’t want to buy the plastic boxes it comes in.

Chris (Oakland, US)
Superior Floss

I don't go generally go out of my way to buy vegan products, but this is an outstanding floss. I say this as the son of a dentist and as someone who's somewhat obsessive over dental health. High gloss flosses like Glide fail to adequately remove plaque, and often break when I apply even moderate amounts of pressure. Wax coated flosses are generally often too wide to comfortably fit between my teeth and still fail to remove plaque between my teeth. This is nothing to say of the plastic used in both types of floss.

For me, this floss offers the perfect texture for removing plaque and it's strong/resilient enough for deeper cleaning sessions. The use of renewable materials is a bonus, but the cleaning properties of this floss have been the main reason that we buy (and often gift) this floss.

Brian M. (Oakland, US)
Functional but can rip

Works as expected but I’ve had the string rip when flossing, though not often.

Tabatha Y. (Los Angeles, US)

This floss is not stringy like some of the ones you get at the drugstore. Works great and is environmentally friendly!

Daria (Plantsville, US)
Glides Easily

Great product. Glides easily between tight teeth and no shredding! Will continue to purchase.