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Nettoyant pour le corps végétalien hydratant - Parfums mystérieux de loterie de savon - Lot de 24

Nettoyant pour le corps végétalien hydratant - Parfums mystérieux de loterie de savon - Lot de 24

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Lot de 24 barres à prix réduit - senteurs mystères

Ces savons hydratants et sans huile de palme pour le corps ou les mains sont faits de nettoyants luxueux à la noix de coco pour laver, mousser et nettoyer sans décaper la barrière naturelle de votre peau.

Passer à un savon solide pour se laver le corps permettra d'économiser des bouteilles en plastique de gel douche sous la douche et de garder votre peau hydratée.

Parfum sans phtalate et parfum EO (huile essentielle) Mélange : Coupé à la main 2,75-3,4 oz 78-96 g - Barres de lavage pour le corps. Aucun emballage supplémentaire n'est fourni. La collection Fragrance and EO Scent Blend contient un mélange sans phtalate de parfum et d'huiles essentielles. Nous avons un mélange rotatif de parfums en cours de création ici, donc généralement tous les lots sont en édition limitée.

Remarques sur les parfums et les mélanges olfactifs HE (huiles essentielles) :

Les parfums sont fabriqués à partir d'isolats d'arômes et mélangés avec des huiles essentielles. Les isolats d'arômes sont utilisés pour créer des parfums qui ne sont pas durables, pratiques ou possibles dans la nature, ou lorsque l'option naturelle n'est pas végétalienne.

Exemples de notes trouvées dans ces mélanges qui ne sont pas durables dans la version "naturelle": vanille (la source naturelle d'arôme provient généralement d'animaux, il y a aussi la vanille de Madagascar qui coûte des milliers de dollars la livre), le bois de santal (non durable dans la nature, les arbres de bois de santal sont surexploités et sont en voie de disparition), rose (coûte des milliers de dollars la livre pour l'huile essentielle de rose et 6 acres de roses par livre d'huile essentielle).

Les isolats d'arômes sont mélangés pour recréer des parfums trouvés dans la nature sans les ingrédients d'origine animale ou les ingrédients non durables. Ils sont mélangés avec des mélanges exclusifs d'huiles essentielles pour créer des parfums attrayants.

Tous les parfums sont utilisés selon les normes IFRA (International Fragrance Association) et sont exempts de phtalates, qui sont des plastifiants nocifs utilisés pour prolonger les parfums bon marché. Ils ne dureront donc pas aussi longtemps que les types de parfums que vous avez pu avoir auparavant et sont beaucoup plus doux.

Les parfums mystères contiennent généralement une grande variété de parfums dans un pack de 24, ce qui est fortement réduit. Il peut contenir des multiples de chaque parfum en fonction du stock, et peut être le même parfum si nous n'avons pas de variété disponible.

Ingrédients : Cocoate de sodium, glycérine végétale (sans palme), olivate de sodium, castorate de sodium. Peut contenir : parfum sans phtalates et mélange d'huiles essentielles, argiles naturelles, oxyde minéral (pour la couleur)

Fabriqué par Earth & Daughter

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Sodium cocoate, vegetable glycerin (palm-free), sodium olivate, sodium castorate. May contain: phthalate-free fragrance and essential oil blend, natural clays, mineral oxide (for color)

Phthalate-free Fragrance and EO (essential oil) scent Blends: Hand-cut 2.75-3.4oz 78-96g - body wash bars. No additional packaging is provided. Fragrance and EO scent Blend collection contains a phthalate-free blend of fragrance and essential oils. We have a rotating mix of scents being created here so typically all batches are limited edition.

Notes on fragrance and EO (essential oil) scent blends:

Fragrances are made from aroma isolates and blended with essential oils. The aroma isolates are used to create scents that are not sustainable, practical or possible in nature, or where the natural option is not vegan.

Examples of notes found in these blends that are not sustainable in the "natural" version: vanilla (natural source for flavoring is typically from animals, there is also Madagascar vanilla which costs thousands of dollars a pound), sandalwood (not sustainable in nature, sandalwood trees are wildly over-harvested and are endangered), rose (costs thousands of dollars a pound for rose essential oil and 6 acres of roses per pound of essential oil).

The aroma isolates are blended to re-create scents found in nature without the animal ingredients or unsustainable ingredients. They are mixed with proprietary blends of essential oils to create enticing scents.

All fragrances are used per IFRA (International Fragrance Association) standards and are free of phthalates, which are harmful plasticizers used to extend cheap fragrances. So they won't be as long lasting as the types of fragrances you may have experienced before, and are much milder.

How to use

It's soap! If you want to extend its life and exfoliate, use a soap saver bag.

How long it lasts


Avoid getting it into your eyes.

Storage and Care

How to use it

Customer Reviews

Based on 105 reviews
Ceci (Tampa, US)
Very good natural products

I tried the eucalyptus steam tablets and they are so good to open the nasal conducts to breathe better especially in allergy season.

Highly recommended. Very good quality.


This is a the perfect shaving bar. It leaves my skin soft and smooth and doesn’t dry out my skin.

Alex Z. (Ypsilanti, US)
Love, love

So sudsy! Lathers up my body so easily before a shaving sesh. I also love that it's neutral - no scent. So good.

Lauren (Los Angeles, US)
beautiful lather, mild scent

I like these soaps. I am sensitive to fragrance, so I appreciate the mild scent, but it could be a tad stronger for me. But I don't mind at all. For those who are super sensitive and always buy unscented, these would be great for you. The lather is very nice and feels luxurious. These bars are fairly small, which makes sense for the price and coming in a 3-pack. I pay 6-7 dollars for a large bar, so this is around the same. Try them!

For this Pure Aloe Coconut Milk bar there is no added scent just the natural base ingredients! Usually for aloe scent companies will add a fragrance but we leave this one unscented so it's more sensitive!



Reviewer avatar
Ginger C. (Chattanooga, US)
We give 5 Stars for Aloe and Coconut Milk Unscented Moisturizing Bars!

It's not easy trying to find a body wash that works for each persons needs. We have one with eczema, one with sensitive skin plus a strong sensitivity to smells, oily skin, dry skin, and all come in dirty from the jobs we do working with anything from mud to grease. This is a combined review from 3 adults; 2 male, 1 female. These bars make a quick wonderful bubbly lather, very cleansing, skin is soft with no film left after rinsing. The guys like that the bars are Unscented, but you know everything has some sort of smell. The natural smell of the ingredients used to make the bars is so very lite that the guys don't really notice. I have to stick a wet bar to my nose to get a smell and I think what I can smell, smells good. We got the 24 pack after first trying a 3 bar pack, and use the bars in the shower, at every sink, and have one outside in our garden hose keeper that gets used a lot to wash up dirty feet (love wearing flip flops lol!), legs, and hands after gardening and yard work before coming in. I especially love that my hands do not get cracked or dried out using this soap as much as I do. I have to hand feed 2 of my rescue dogs, 2 to 3 times a day, small amounts of food each time to be able to administer medications, so I am constantly washing my hands.

CINDY A. (Hood River, US)
Gentle, refreshing...

I like No Tox Life Vegan Rose soap because it feels good on my sensitive skin. The smell is mild but refeshing. And the best part is no plastic packaging! Thank you!

Sarah R. (San Diego, US)
Refreshing tumeric and ginger soap

Lots of great scents but just enough spice to help wake me up

Kaile D. (Chesapeake, US)
My absolute favorite bar soaps.

I love keeping these next to the bathroom sinks. They leave a delicate fragrance after washing and leave hands moisturized. I just wish more of the scents were still available for purchase. Some of my favorite scents are no longer listed for individual sale.

Sheena B. (San Antonio, US)
Good, Clean Soap

The soap lathers well. I like that the ingredients are "clean", no pin intended :) and they're free of animal products, which you don't need in soap. The price is right, too! The soap makes your skin feel clean without over-drying or or leaving you greasy. It's just a good all around soap.