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No Tox Life

Barre Détox Aisselle

Barre Détox Aisselle

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Détox ces fosses.

Vous passez d'un antisudorifique à l'aluminium et souhaitez nettoyer les pores de vos aisselles ? Cette barre exfoliera en douceur et vous aidera à passer des antisudorifiques à base d'aluminium à un déodorant naturel.

Utilisez-le pendant les premières semaines lorsque vous changez d'avis, pour vous aider à dire « oui, mon déodorant naturel fonctionne ! » en toute confiance ! État.

Beurre de karité pour la douceur et l'apaisement.

Chaque barre aura une forme et une taille légèrement différentes. La taille mini est de 0,9 oz, la taille complète est de 4,25 oz de poids net.

Mode d'emploi : barre humide. Faire mousser sous les aisselles. Attendez environ une minute. Rincez abondamment. Séchez les aisselles avant d'appliquer le déodorant.

Ingrédients : Beurre de karité sodique, cocoate de sodium, castorate de sodium, glycérine (sans palme), luffa, eau, argile, charbon actif

Emballage : Boîte en papier facilement recyclable. La taille réelle n'est pas emballée

sans parfum | sans palme | sans détergent | exfolie en douceur | végétalien

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Sodium shea butterate, sodium cocoate, sodium castorate, glycerin (palm free), loofah, water, clay, activated charcoal

How to use

Wet bar. Lather in armpits. Wait about a minute. Rinse thoroughly. Dry armpits before applying deodorant.

How long it lasts


Each bar will be slightly different in shape and size. Mini size is 0.9oz, Full size is 4.25oz net weight.

Storage and Care

How to use it

Customer Reviews

Based on 71 reviews

Super effective. This stuff is magic and allowed me to use another brand’s less-effective but beautifully fragranced deodorant.


Love how clean this makes me feel


Definitely helped with the transition to CLEAN deodorant

NanaS (Phoenix, US)
Works great

The underarm detox bar works great! I can use if after a workout and no odor remains.



Regina P. (Riverview, US)

I live in Florida and using non antiperspirant due to allergy issues it's the one thing that works along with the pure Aloe deodorant along with a mineral salt bar. I can use this and feel confident even on hot days. It does take about a month after first detox to see the difference but this is an essential for me. My hubby also loves it!

Catherine S. (Nashville, US)

Ever since I realized I was allergic to normal store bought deoderant, this has been a LIFESAVER (paired with No Tox Life's deoderant too, of course!)

Sara A. (Vancouver, CA)
It Works!

I absolutely love this product! I use it every day or two and feel so confident that I won't have to think about my BO all day!

YFP (San Juan, PR)

Love these products and will buy again

Customer (Toronto, CA)
Pleasantly Surprised

I bought this from my local Healthy Planet a couple of weeks ago. I had abandoned drug store antiperspirant completely, and begun using natural deodorant; disappointed in it's effectiveness. I saw this on the shelf, and after reading the label, I had an epiphany moment as to why my natural deodorant seemed like it wasn't working. I have since been using this religiously since (I'm only JUST running out), and I was amazed... and a little horrified and the amount of gunk and crap was in my underarms. I am now perspiring properly, and though I may have stunk to high heaven at the start of the detox, I now hardly smell at all. Five stars for such a wonderful product. I highly recommend.