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Recycling with Us

Love the Earth! ♲

Upcycle your plastic beauty containers and keep them out of landfills with No Tox Life and TerraCycle! We work directly with TerraCycle to ensure that your recyclable cosmetic plastic packaging is reused and diverted from landfills.

What is "Upcycling"?

"Upcycling" means taking something that would normally be sent to the landfill and turning it into something new, of higher value. TerraCycle has an amazing program that will take back any uses, clean and empty (plastic) cosmetic containers and melt the plastic into pellets. The pellets are then turned into entirely new products. The plastic container never makes it to a landfill, it takes on a new life.

How to Contribute:

Bring in your cleaned out plastic containers and drop them in the bin here at our retail location. We take any plastic cosmetic product containers, just make sure they are properly cleaned out beforehand. Here are some examples of what you can upcycle through TerraCycle: deodorant, body wash, lotion, makeup containers 

We Take Used Cardboard Boxes & Packing Material!

We are happy to take those used shipping boxes and packing material you have been holding on to! We will use the boxes and packing material to ship out our own orders and encourage others to do the same.

Before you Donate:

For boxes: Make sure to remove any old shipping labels and break them down before you drop off your donation. Ideally, these boxes should be sturdy, in good condition and CLEAN.

For packing materials: We do take all sorts of packing material, both paper, and plastic padding. We do use plastic padding in some larger shipments to give it a second life (read about our shipping sustainability). We ask that the packing material is still in good shape and CLEAN.

We are unable to take the following: priority mail USPS boxes, shoe boxes, appliance boxes, thin food boxes (e.g. cereal boxes, cracker boxes), single pieces of cardboard, old furniture boxes and plastic bags.

Please check your boxes for excess items before bringing them by. We have had some unusual items show up inside of donated boxes...