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Who do we wholesale to?

We wholesale to qualified brick and mortar retailers, and online shops, in: USA, Canada, Lithuania, Poland, Finland, Romania, Slovakia, Italy, Spain, Sweden, The Faroe Islands, Denmark, Italy, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and more.

Limited Time Specials:


We are currently offering some limited wholesale specials. Please fill out our form below and we'll send along information about these limited specials. 

Order minimums:

We have no order minimums when ordering on our direct sites. 


Terms and Conditions:


Please read our Wholesale Terms and Conditions so we're all in agreement with them. Also please note our registered trademarks detailed in our Terms. Thanks!


Here's the wholesale application:

If you are located in USA, please fill out this form so we can process your sales tax exemption.

If you are located in Canada and exempt from PST Taxes, please fill out this form so we can process your exemption.