An Update on Our Los Angeles Retail Store

An Update on Our Los Angeles Retail Store

Updated with news and resources for those locally affected by COVID-19:

An update from the governor of California: 


An update from the mayor of Los Angeles: 

A document with resources including where to get food and ways to get financial assistance if you cannot work or your work has closed due to COVID-19 in Los Angeles: 

See Google Doc Here

Temporary store hours reduction:

We have more than half of our retail staff either staying home or unavailable this week and our hours are limited:


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Measures we are taking to keep our Los Angeles store location clean and sanitary:

Thank you for your patience as we work to stay safe and please understand these measures are for the protection of our customers and our employees. We are updating these day by day and continuing to listen to official sources for information on what we as a business need to do in this crisis. 

Frequently during the day, we are cleaning our store, containers, pumps, iPad, etc with spray cleaner, 10% vinegar concentrate, and alcohol spray. 

Our staff are wearing gloves and cleaning each pump/ spigot before you fill. Please put your container at the front counter and label it so we can weigh it before you fill. We will have paper tape and clean pens so you can label your container. 

As you fill your containers our staff are wearing gloves and cleaning each pump/ spigot between each filling. Alcohol and paper towels will be available for you to clean the rim of your container before filling. 

If your container is not cleaned, our staff will kindly let you know that you cannot fill it at this time. This is entirely at our staff’s discretion. In that case, we will request that you purchase a new empty container for everyone’s health and safety. Containers will be examined on a case by case basis, we do currently permit some product remaining inside your container as long as the outside of the container and the rim/ opening are well cleaned and sanitized. 

We have removed all product testers from the store. This is temporary but thank you for understanding our necessity to do this. Please NEVER open our products even to smell it. We are happy to describe scents to you, or suggest you pick unscented if possible.

We are already a cash-free store. We request that you clean your credit card if possible and also utilize one of our contactless payments such as Apple Pay or Google Pay. Our staff will be signing on the iPad signature line for you and entering your email or phone for a receipt - do not touch our iPad please. 

Please do not enter our store if you are not feeling well. We will still be here when you get better. If our staff request that you leave our store due to any visible signs of illness please understand this is their right to do so. 

Our solid form products such as our Dish Block®, our solid shampoo and conditioner, and solid bar soaps are quick and easy products you can take home without having to refill anything. 

Want curbside pickup? 

No problem - we will do our best to accommodate. Please give our store a call at ‭(323) 274-4989‬ and give your order on the phone, our sales staff will take your card and prepare the order, and then call you back when it's ready for curbside pickup. We have limited staff this week so thank you for your patience as we all work together on this. 

We hope to implement local home delivery soon for those in LA who choose to stay home but still want our liquid refills or in-store only products. Our parent company No Tox Life has all solid form products available online right now.

Head to our store menu for a list of what is available in-store so you can be prepared for your visit. 

Thank you for your support through these difficult times - 
Management and Staff of No Tox Life, Los Angeles

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