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About our Zero Waste Refill Station

On Earth Day, April 22, 2019, we celebrated our 5 year company anniversary and opened a zero waste refill station inside our retail store in Los Angeles. We make and carry a variety of basics for home and body, from body care to hair care to non-toxic cleaning products and accessories.  

Follow our store instagram @notoxlife.la for day to day updates.

3351 Fletcher Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90065

We have free parking in the driveway behind the store!

All refills are vegan and cruelty-free. Prices are approximate and may change, see store posted prices for most accurate and up-to-date pricing.

For sanitary reasons and best shelf life, make sure you are using clean containers to refill products. 

Our Los Angeles store is our first store - we're considering opening up more based on demand so let us know where we should open next! Head over to our instagram page to let us know!

Refills Menu

all refills are sold by weight - read more about how the process works

Hand & Body Lotion // $0.97 per oz
Lavender, Neroli 
Hand & Body Lotion // $0.64 per oz
Pure Aloe (Unscented)
Liquid Shampoo Citrus Every Day (for Daily Use + All Hair Types) // $0.79 per oz
Liquid Conditioner  Moisturizing Shea (Ultra Hydrating for All Hair Types) // $0.79 per oz
Rosemary Face Wash (with Charcoal) // $1.80 per oz
 Natural Body Sunscreen SPF 30 // $2.38 per oz
Luxe Facial Sunscreen SPF 30 // $9.94 per oz
Dream Creme Facial Moisturizer // $10.05 per oz
 Rose Everything Oil // $1.00 per oz
 Pure + Native Facial Serum // $32.80 per oz
 Tooth Tabs // $5.68 per oz (please ask for help)
Cali-Castile Liquid Hand & Body Soap // $0.37 per oz
Lavender, Eucalyptus Mint, Unscented 
 2-in-1 Liquid Body Wash & Hand Soap // $0.40 per oz
 Oxygen Whitener  // (sold out)
 Liquid Laundry Gel // $0.33 per oz
Unscented, Lavender
Dishwasher Machine Gel // $0.32 per oz
Liquid Hand Washing Dish Soap // $0.30 per oz
Stain & Odor Remover // $0.34 per oz
 All-Purpose Cleaner // $0.18 per oz
 Eucalyptus Steam Powder // $0.25 per oz
 Epsom Salt // $0.19 per oz
 Soap Pieces // $0.75 per oz

DIY Raw Ingredients Refills 


  • Shea Butter Cubes // $1.50 per oz
    Organic, unrefined & fair-trade
  • Distilled White Vinegar // $0.04 per oz
  • Baking Soda // $0.09 per oz
  • Coconut Oil // $0.27 per oz
  • Witch Hazel // $0.27 per oz
  • Jojoba Oil // $2.21 per oz
  • Coconut Wax (for candles) // $0.25 per oz
  • Bentonite Clay // $0.30 per oz

Low-Waste Items

(sold by unit)

Can't find what you need? We are always interested in other products that you are looking for. Feel free to contact us with any suggestions and feedback.


Not in Los Angeles?

We sell our products to a wide variety of grocery stores, lifestyle stores and refill stores worldwide - check out our directory here and follow us on Instagram to keep up to date.