Los Angeles Retail Store Location Closed Permanently - But Don't Worry

Los Angeles Retail Store Location Closed Permanently - But Don't Worry

✨ Many of you know us just from our brick and mortar Los Angeles refill store. Our main company No Tox Life is actually a manufacturing business, where we formulate, design and manufacture vegan bath, body and cleaning products.

⌛️ In the past 3 1/2 years of our LA retail store location being around, we have worked hard to change perceptions regarding vegan products and low waste products. We designed and built the furniture and displays ourselves using using reclaimed and recycled materials, and were even featured on BuzzFeed multiple times for our low waste options.

😷 When COVID-19 hit, we were not ready for it (was anyone?), and had to deal with a rapidly changing landscape, make quick plans to keep our store staff safe, and ultimately close our store for safety reasons. Meanwhile we were continuing to manufacture essential cleaning supplies (hand soap, dish soap!) and ship out online orders.

🏬 Now the Governor of California is allowing retail businesses to open for curbside pickup with social distancing measures. We have evaluated the way forward and have determined that we can’t reopen. We have closed our brick and mortar store permanently. Don't worry - we are not closing as a business! Read on for more. 

🚫 Our staff and customer safety is our top priority and due to the extremely small square footage of our store (under 300 sq ft), we can’t even have two staff working with social distancing.

🙂 We had hoped to re-open fully by early May, and that things would return to “normal”, but it’s become increasingly clear that re-opening will not be possible for our brick and mortar location. It’s sad to say goodbye to our retail store but we have to move forward without it.

💔 We are going to miss seeing your faces in our store but we are hopeful that our long time customers will continue to order from us online and via our other retailers. We are continuing to manufacture & distribute our products via our 800+ retailers worldwide. Our online and wholesale selection is designed to reduce shipping carbon footprint (we primarily sell solid-form products now so the only waste is the paper wrap or box, which can be recycled or composted).

💡We want to be in more stores and be more convenient for you. If your local retailer doesn’t carry our products, please suggest us to them and also email us so we can follow up with the store. 

🙏🏼 Thank you for supporting both sides of our business, the LA store location and our main brand and company No Tox Life. While the brick and mortar is permanently closed, we will be growing and expanding the company through wholesale and online sales. We are looking forward to the day when zero waste and vegan products become the new normal. 

Sandee & Callie, co-founders No Tox Life

PS: Thank you for everyone who posted a lovely comment on our store instagram page. We are no longer updating that page and we'll be active over at @NoToxLife only

PPS: We have compiled a list of low waste and zero waste stores that restock frequently from us in Los Angeles. 

PPPS: If you ordered a gift card from our brick and mortar you should have a fresh gift card in your inbox that is valid for our online shop. If you did not receive your gift card, please email us from the email used for the purchase, or give us the gift card number or receipt so we can look it up and re-send it. 

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