Where to shop for No Tox Life in Los Angeles

Where to shop for No Tox Life in Los Angeles

As you may have read, we closed our Los Angeles retail store location permanently. This does not mean we are closed down as a business, in fact we are working on greatly expanding our wholesale manufacturing capacity to keep up with demand from our 2000+ retailers.

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Meanwhile, people have been emailing us asking where they can shop No Tox Life products in LA, and where they can buy bulk and low waste.

Here is a list of zero waste stores and pop ups featuring a large selection of low waste goods including ours. All of these shops have ordered our products multiple times and are restocking frequently. If one of them doesn't carry a particular item you're looking for, definitely mention it to us (and them!):

Live Luca (Highland Park): https://www.ourluca.com/ - carries a wide selection of our products.

re_ grocery (Highland Park): https://regrocery.co (formerly known as Tare Grocery)

The Well Refill (Topanga): https://thewellrefill.com - also one of the ladies working with them is our former brick and mortar store manager 💓

My Zero Waste Store (Pasadena): https://www.myzerowastestore.com/

Homage Pasadena (mostly a gift shop but the owner Jill does carry a wide selection of our products): https://homagepasadena.com

Any other stores that should carry us or zero waste stores that we missed? Let us know on our instagram page or send us an email here

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