All Treats, No Tricks

All Treats, No Tricks

Happy Halloween! For all online orders, including wholesale orders, Sunday (Oct 31st) and Monday (Nov 1st), we are giving you a fun treat - a free bar of vegan moisturizing body wash! 

No coupon code required, it will be automatically added to your box by our shipping department!

Aloe Coconut Milk

Turmeric Ginger

Scent Blends

If you have a scent preference, throw that in the notes at checkout and we'll try to ship that scent!*

Our body wash soaps are palm oil free. What is the deal with palm oil?

Palm oil is a tropical oil produced in Southeast Asia, the mass production of palm is leading to the habitat loss of Bengal tigers, Organutans and the destruction of local environments, as well as the release of massive amounts of carbon into the atmosphere as rainforests are cut down to make room for palm plantations. While our full line is not palm oil- derived ingredient free, we work to make our products as palm free as we can, and our body wash soaps and dish soap are 100% palm-free.

While palm oil production is scary, the quality and price of our body wash soaps is not. We did the work to make them affordable, vegan, bubbly & moisturizing, and available in bulk. You can buy in bulk on our regular e-commerce site and if you're a qualified retailer such as a zero waste refill shop or grocery store, we sell them on wholesale too. (Apply for wholesale here).

*Canada wholesale buyers, we only have one scent for sampling (Turmeric Ginger) for this gift due to logistics at our current warehouse but all scents are available for sale. 

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