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Moso Bamboo Soap Shelf

Moso Bamboo Soap Shelf

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Moso bamboo, known as the giant bamboo or timber bamboo, has been used for centuries to fashion buildings, flooring and culinary tools. The young shoots are often prepared into Asian dishes.

We used this beautiful and renewable plant to create our Moso Bamboo Soap Shelf, a perfect dry resting spot for the DISH BLOCK® dish washing soap.

It will fit both the 6 oz size and the HUGE size DISH BLOCK® perfectly.

The generous soap shelf size also fits our body cleansing bars or two of our petite shampoo bars. It fits one or two of our larger shampoo bars and facial bars. Mix and match to set up your soap shelves how you like!

Place in an area where it can drain or elevate to keep out of standing water. It will need replacement with time. Each soap dish typically lasts several months but this will vary depending on your placement, if you allow it to sit in water and your climate and humidity. Bamboo naturally biodegrades and this item can be composted at end of life.

Dimensions: 3 3/4 inches by 4 1/2 inches 

For a more indestructible material - check out the soap dish here. 

DISH BLOCK® is an internationally registered trademark of Earth & Daughter, LLC

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Customer Reviews

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Tate B. (Leesburg, US)
Looks good so far

The large block fits great. I did see the comments about people experiencing mold problems, so I added little sticky rubber feet to it to elevate it so that water does not pool underneath.

Judith L. (North Hollywood, US)
This actually works to keep soap on the edge of the kitchen sink

This is a beautiful thing and actually works to keep all kinds of soap from sliding off the edge of the sink into the basin. It also allows soap to drain and is made of sustainable materials. I'm buying another one to hold hand soap.

Michelle C. (Portland, US)
Black Mold

I bought this bamboo soap shelf in late September and by December, it had black mold growing on it. It only lasted through one 6 oz dish block.

I've used other bamboo soap dishes and have never had this issue. So sad! I really liked the size and functionality - but was greatly disappointed :(

We sent you an email about this to resolve this, let us know if you did not receive it!

Omaya (New York, US)
Great soap holder

I bought the bamboo holder a few months ago. I love how spacious it is. I can keep both a dish bar and a sponge in it. And my favorite part it's how the design allows the soap to last longer than conventional soap holders.

Rose (Oklahoma City, US)
Black mold

I really liked the products(shampoo and conditioner)I purchased, however please do not buy this holder if you plan on having it in an area where it will constantly get wet. Mine started to grow black mold and I had to throw everything away. Black mold is highly toxic, ironically.

Hi Rose,

If your shower doesn't dry out or if you want to leave it in a very wet spot, then I would stick with this product instead:, it will hold up better to heavy dampness. The Moso Bamboo shelf is great but since it is natural bamboo material if you leave it sitting in water it of course can begin making it mold over time. It has a light non-toxic spar varnish coating but if the coating scrapes off or has a gap it can allow water to come in contact with the natural bamboo which of course is not indestructible.

JW (Lindon, US)
Good stuff

Love the brush fits right in my hand & the bristles are strong making cleaning up a breeze. The soap & soap dish work well. I should've ordered the lg. brock of soap.

Seong P. (Yucca Valley, US)

Moso Bamboo Soap Shelf

Bethany N. (Denver, US)

Good quality, size, and aesthetic. Fits perfectly in the corner of my shower for my shampoo and conditioner bars!

Carrie K. (Maitland, US)
Bamboo shelf

Great soap shelf, sturdy soap shelf

Lala (Clovis, US)
Yes !

Simple living, I love it.
Only one less star because Bamboo soap shelf is really messy at the bottom after use.