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No Tox Life

Dish Washing Starter Set

Dish Washing Starter Set

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Try out 3 of our bestsellers for plastic-free dish washing. 

Set includes:

1 x DISH BLOCK® dish soap in a bar™ - 6 oz size
1 x Moso Bamboo soap shelf for storing your dish soap (and any large soaps)
1 x CASA AGAVE® dish brush with short handle - one of our customer favorites

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Customer Reviews

Based on 818 reviews

Dish Block is amazing. This product cleans so good. I love it!!!!!

Jenna (Park City, US)
LOVE this stuff.

I have been using this dish soap for a couple years now and love it! We do have a dishwasher so I mainly use this for pots, pans, and anything that needs to be hand washed. And it has lasted FOREVER! I’m about halfway through my current (extra large—22.5 oz) block and I started using it over a year ago. The amount of product for the price is exceptional, it works extremely well, and has a mild scent that doesn’t bother me while pregnant (and literally everything else does). Even better that’s it’s plastic free! I will keep ordering as long as they sell it and keep the pricing reasonable!

Lisa H. (Plantation, US)
Good idea, quality still needs work

Love the idea of this, and I'll probably keep buying it because it's eco-friendly, but it is ghastly looking after a little use. It doesn't fall apart like it used to, but it still develops cracks where dirt settles and it's unsightly. I reported this previously, and was told the formula or supplier or something was changed, so I bought more, and it's better but still not ideal. I have a beautiful kitchen, and I have to keep the sponge on top of it so the cracks don't show.

Rachel H. (Buffalo, US)
New soap

We love this soap. It is easier to use than traditional liquid dish soap, better on your hands and overall superior. We will never go back. Long lasting, moisturizering and cuts grease better.

Jakob M. (Philadelphia, US)
Best dish soap by far

I live in an area with very hard water. So far, every solid dish soap I’ve used leaves streaks, but not this one!!


LOVE!!! This new dish block is more grease cutting and sudsy, if you can believe it, than the original dish block. The Citrus Lemongrass Scent is Wonderful! If you are washing off some stinky dishes, this definitely helps kill the stink. Made the insides of my Reusable Stasher Silicone Bags and Bowls smell so good and lemony🍋 Still LOVE the Original too tho! It's fabulous. This is going to be a long lasting bar. Been using it for a few weeks on everything I can try it on including laundry and greasy grimy sweaty work hats. The bar looks hardly used! Amazing for a 4.4 oz bar. Does a great job on stains and grease. Felt like I was cleaning faster. Had already bought a bulk pack of imperfect original dish blocks but I wanted to try this new one. Glad I did. With 5 big rescue dogs and a family that works hard, we get a lot of messes round here. All of No Tox Life products are great to use 🍋

Karen F. (New York, US)
Great Product, Great Packaging

Dish Block cleans my dishes and all my cooking equipment beautifully, and it enables me to feel self righteous because there is no plastic involved. Seriously, if we all do something small to help the planet, it will help. There is no reason to buy the plastic-contained liquid dishwashing solutions when Dish Block works so well.

Megan W. (Montrose, US)
No plastic dish block

Great long lasting soap block that I use with brush or just with hands to lather. Goodbye plastic bottle of liquid soap.

Isa M. (Portland, US)
Lasts about 18 months for us.

Great deal. Love that I buy the waste of the company that reduces waste. We're a zero waste family of 3 and this box lasts us about 18 months. I'll never buy anything else. Please keep going. Thanks!

C.E.S. (Wickenburg, US)
Life changing

I've tried a few natural dish soaps before and they all left my dishes greasy and streaky. This was one of the few things I didn't convert to zero waste because I couldn't find the right one.

This soap is so concentrated. You barely have the touch the bar to clean an entire sink of dishes. No fragrance, no dyes, just a very effective and efficient soap. This is now a staple in my home.