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No Tox Life

Dish Washing Starter Set

Dish Washing Starter Set

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Try out 3 of our bestsellers for plastic-free dish washing. 

Set includes:

1 x DISH BLOCK® dish soap in a bar™ - 6 oz size
1 x Moso Bamboo soap shelf for storing your dish soap (and any large soaps)
1 x CASA AGAVE® dish brush with short handle - one of our customer favorites

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Customer Reviews

Based on 866 reviews

Smells amazing. I’ll buy again.


Works great.

D.L.R. (San Francisco, US)
Still in the Process of Deciding Whether to Transition...

from liquid dish soap to solid. Having purchased and used Dish Block, I have found it cleans as well as any liquid dish soap, leaving pots, pans, dishes, and utensils spotless and free of film. It worked so well that I decided to forego any further purchases of dish powder, but liquid dish soap packaged in recyclable paper containers and/or refillable is still in the running. It's great to have excellent products to choose from and one of the best choices is the No Tox Life Dish Block.


Love this dish soap!!! I’ve had it for a whole month! It cuts through grease and build up easily!


Love these products! Highly recommend!

Elizabeth B. (Rome, US)
LOVE this Dishblock

Several years ago I began a campaign to: 1) remove chemicals/toxins from my life 2) purchase products that have ECO friendly packagin 3) Buy AMERICA. I tried multiple dish blocks but YOURS IS THE BEST. Love the suds, smell and the clean, even on my plastic.

Lynn (Conroe, US)
Lemongrass dish block

This dish soap has a wonderful scent. It makes fabulous suds and lasts a long time. .
Also great customer service.
I would highly recommend.

Elizabeth B. (Rome, US)
Excellent cleaning

I have tried multiple dish soap options with no chemicals and eco friendly packaging. Love the suds, squeaky clean sound on my plastic. Thanks for a quality product, made in USA with eco conscious packaging. Well done!

Elisabeth S. (Kapaau, US)
This soap has miraculous powers!

The citrus lemongrass dish block smells so great that it has made me want to wash dishes, & that is miraculous! :) It works very well. Thank you.

Laura N. (Cheshire, US)
Wonderful dish block soap

I appreciate everything about this dish soap - good ingredients, works great, minimal packaging w/ no plastic, and it's holding up very well after two months of daily use. (I just use a loofah & cloth sponge, don't fill the sink or anything.) But the kicker is how clean our glasses look now. I was sitting on the couch with my husband the other day, and he says "Look at that," pointing to a glass of water beside us. And it was SO clear and beautiful, like a painting, and we just gawked at it! That's how clean our glasses are now, I kid you not. I do not want to be without this soap bar ever again. (This is the most glowing review I've ever written. :) Thanks ladies, for making such a great soap, I Shall Return!